eThekwini Municipality Waste Removal By-law 2016

The eThekwini Municipal Council has enacted, by way of resolution in terms of section 12 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 32 of 2000, the Waste Removal By-law, 2016. The 2002 Refuse Removal By-law was repealed and replaced with effect from 25 February 2017 by the Waste Removal By-law.

Notable changes include:

Integrated Waste Management Plan (IWMP)

Generators of the following waste types must submit an IWMP to the municipality: a) business waste b) industrial waste c) building waste d) event waste e) hazardous waste f) health care waste. The plan must include at least the following: a) A description of the type of waste that will be generated. b) An assessment of the quantity of waste that will be generated. c) The premises at which the waste will be generated. d) How waste generated will be stored, collected, recycled and disposed of. e) The full names and contact details of any authorised waste removal contractor contracted by the waste

generator and proof that he or she has been contracted to collect and dispose of waste. f) A description of how the waste generator intends separating recyclable and nonrecyclable material at

the point of source. g) A description of the waste generator’s waste minimisation and pollution prevention plans. h) An assessment of the impact or potential impact on the environment of the waste generated. i) The waste generator’s targets for waste reduction, re-use and recycling. j) The waste generator’s reduction measures or programmes that can minimise the consumption of

natural resources.​

Recycling, re-use, sorting and reduction of waste

No person may, except for their own domestic purposes: a) recycle, re-use or recover waste, b) sort waste, or c) operate as a scrap dealer or buy-back centre, without a permit issued by the municipality. Any person who handles, transports, processes, treats or disposes of waste for recycling purposes must provide the municipality with a written report on their activities in a format and at such frequencies as may be determined by the municipality. An exemption may, however, be granted by the municipality if the mass or volume is below a stipulated threshold (which is not set out in the by-law).

For more information on the Waste Removal By-law click here OR contact the IWMSA on 011 675 3462/4 [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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