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Most PnP stores recycle batteries, light bulbs, ink cartridges, plastic bags and packaging in-store. Simply remove any unnecessary plastic packaging before you leave the store, and place it in the handy bins.  To find a store that recycles in your area

Glass Recycling:

For a countrywide list of Glass Banks from the Glass Recycling Company

National Links

​Drop off Sites in Durban


Environmental Campaigns


Environmental Education

Environment & Health


Government Departments - National


Government Departments - Provincial


Provincial Investors










Waste Management



Non-Profit Organisations

International Links

Paper Recycling:

The Paper Recycling Association of South Africa (PRASA) calls on all South Africans – from schoolchildren to pensioners – to do their bit by recycling paper products at school, home and work for drop-off at local recycling depots or gathering by collectors who earn a living by selling it back to mills.

Tetrapak Recycling:

Did you know that the paper cartons
used to package fruit juice, milk, iced
tea, flavoured milk, wine, custard, and
dry goods like muesli and pet food are
recyclable and can be delivered to any
of the Mpact Recycling branches

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